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Stephanie Bova

Digital Healthcare Professional

Stephanie Bova

Digital Health Professional

Stephanie Bova has dedicated her life and career to developing cutting-edge advancements in pharmaceuticals.

With over a decade of experience in strategic marketing and operations for digital healthcare, Stephanie is driven by a desire to use technology as a way to improve patient outcomes, and she has applied her passion for digital health in both consulting and industry jobs for leading brands. She is currently the Head of Europe and Canada for Takeda Pharmaceutical Company’s Digital Accelerator in Switzerland.

From a young age, Stephanie Bova was drawn to solving complex problems through the use of technology and data. In fact, one of her fondest memories comes from her childhood when she taught herself how to do simple coding after subscribing to a computing magazine; using her newfound skills, Stephanie programmed her Apple Ile computer to flash “Happy Birthday Jean” for her mother’s birthday. Stephanie’s grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s, was able to enjoy the moment along with the rest of the family, making it an incredible day for Stephanie, her mother, and her grandmother. More recently, Stephanie created a learning algorithm that used data to teach her young son, Blaise, to sleep through the night when he was only three months old.

Eventually, Stephanie Bova decided that a career in marketing healthcare and digital health would be the perfect fit for her interests and skills. She transitioned into the industry after spending several years teaching English in Japan. Today, as a leader in the digital health community, Stephanie continues to use data to address complicated problems as well as improving patients’ health outcomes.

Stephanie Bova frequently speaks at conferences and lectures on digital health topics, and she also advises pharmaceutical-oriented startups. She lives in Zurich, Switzerland, with her partner, Christophe, and her son, Blaise.

Stephanie’s first experience with digital healthcare came in 2003, when she was in US working on a respiratory product for asthma. The challenge was knowing if someone actually took the medication during a clinical trial. Stephanie proposed to use the camera in the flip phone so people could document themselves taking the medications and emailed the photo with a timestamp. Now smartphones with camera functions are the norm, and Stephanie is proud to have supported a kind of precursor in digital healthcare.

Some of the most revolutionary projects in which Stephanie has played an important part include using big data to identify ways to get better health outcomes for patients. Another is the use of 3D filming to understand from a “first person” perspective how someone experiences a stroke or heart attack. Every project that Stephanie spearheads in digital healthcare has a common goal: to improve the outcomes of patients.

Stephanie is paving the way for an exciting future in healthcare and has received numerous industry awards such as the Medical, Marketing and Media (MMM)’s 2015 selection as one of the top Healthcare Transformers, and also was recognized as Pharmaceutical Executive magazine’s “Top 40 under 40”. She serves as advisor to healthcare start ups and is a sought after speaker about healthcare industry disruption and innovation. Stephanie has a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Japanese language from the University of Buffalo. She also received her MBA from the University of Maryland. She lives in Zurich, Switzerland with her partner Christophe and her son Blaise.

Stephanie frequently draws on her expertise to advise digital health startups and companies of all sizes and areas of focus. In 2017, she was named to the Board of Advisors of Hoy Health, which focuses on the health and wellness needs of U.S. Latinos by providing access to Spanish-speaking healthcare professionals, the latest digital health tools, and other resources. Hoy Health also offers educational outreach programs for the 65 million Hispanic healthcare consumers who reside in the United States.