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Stephanie Bova In The Press

Transforming Healthcare: Going Beyond the Pill Conference eBook

“Mobile is the vehicle to doing something. But your app is not going to be the solution.”

Has pharma finally moved beyond the pill?

Technology and a patient-centric/outcomes-based approach are helping the industry realise its long-held ambition to support patients and doctors more broadly, but data security and ‘app fatigue’ mean there are still challenges to overcome, says Takeda’s digital expert Stephanie Bova.

Stephanie Bova: Top 40 Transformers

Stephanie Bova, Senior director, Takeda Digital Accelerator, Takeda Pharmaceutical companies love to talk about innovation, especially as it pertains to the truly transformative science that underlines their medicines. But when it comes to innovation in other guises-as within the health-tech space-most organizations don’t, or can’t, walk the walk.

Rethinking the Role of Regulatory in Innovation – Part 1

I’ve written several articles about the need to eliminate the misperception that regulatory, legal and compliance professionals are sales suppressors and policemen. In fact, the professionals I know in these roles can (and do) think outside of the proverbial box to support their business colleagues and achieve critical company objectives that help increase the top and bottom line.

Industry Articles Featuring Stephanie

Letter From the HBA Chapter President

I have discovered great value and far-reaching benefits from being a member of the HBA for the last eight years, The HBA has provided ample opportunity for me to develop leadership skills in ways that I would not have been able to do otherwise.

Can Regulatory Requirements actually Unshackle Promotional Creativity among Marketers?

Conventional wisdom holds that the best way to boost a team’s creativity is to unshackle them from constraints, Richardson explains in his blog. He goes on to counter this perspective and makes the unique assertion that the best ideas actually come not from thinking outside the box, but from having boundaries – especially those that move the team toward clarity of purpose.

Engaging HCPs: Beer or Tacos?

“With no single customer type and no silver-bullet tactic with which to reach our target audiences, we must continue to adapt our approach.”

Going Global: Transferring Your Skills to International and Emerging Markets

Today’s pharmaceutical marketplace is similar to a motor vehicle manufacturing facility: Just as there are separate stations on the assembly line to construct a car—body, engine, tires, transmission—bringing a medicine to market requires separate stations.